Efficient baling all day long

Intuitive controls place essential operations within fingertip reach. The baler control box is easy to use with a simple display and ensures full control of the baler from within the Cab. Fully ISOBUS compatible as standard. 

Audible warnings alert the operator as the bale is being made, taking the surprise out of stopping.


Introducing TIM (Tractor Implement Management). TIM uses the exchange of data between the ISOBUS unit and the baler to control the tractor. This allows;

  • The tractor to stop automatically for the start of the wrapping process. 

  • The bale chamber to open automatically after wrapping, and the bale chamber to close once the bale is ejected. 

  • To begin the process again once the operator starts driving. 

Automatic wrapping in net or film means there's one less thing to worry about without having to press a button.


Save time, and manpower by baling and wrapping in one operation, thanks to our range of combi balers. Once the baling process is complete, the combi balers will automatically begin wrapping in net or film without having to stop or press a button.