Bale after bale, after bale

With volatile weather patterns limiting the number of optimum working windows, the NovoGrip system does the job of a roller baler, built to carry wet crops, and a belt baler, for dry crops, in one. Thanks to the never ending belt within the NovoGrip system the belt will not slip in wet conditions, like it would in a typical belt baler. 

Comprima XC balers feature 17 or 26 knives, which can be engaged on the go, produce chopped bales as and when required, therefore reducing waste and silage that is more manageable for livestock to consume. Chop lengths can be set between 42 - 128mm. 

The Comprima F 155 XC’s, the first semi-variable chamber, allows the operator to manually change the bale size in seconds, without having the expense of a fully variable chamber.


Comprima semi-variable and variable models allow for the bale diameter to be changed quickly and easily. Variable models also allow for the core density of the bales to be changed.

Achieving optimal productivity is important to all farmers, and this is further achieved when using a semi-variable or variable baler. For instance, baling 9 bales with a 1.35m diameter gives a greater volume of crop, than baling 10 bales with a 1.25m diameter. Therefore achieving a greater throughput of crop and a 10% reduction in time spent handing.