Well shaped bales, bale after bale

The 2.15m wide EasyFlow Pick-Up feed, with 5 rows of 6mm tines arranged in a helical style creates a clean sweep and ensures that heavy loads and lumps of grass are evenly spread before the crop reaches the rotor. The rotor then feeds the crop uniformly into the baler, this even flow creates consistent and well shaped bales. 

Thanks to the EasyFlow Pick-Up reels ability to move three dimensionally across the ground and follow it's natural contours, the risk of soil contamination in the bale is reduced.


To reduce the risk of contamination further, the Pick-Up wheels are also fitted with a large caster angle to ensure there is no scuffing of the ground when turning. 

The NovoGrip bale chamber ensures that no matter what the crop, the bale is constantly rotating within the baling chamber. This rotation creates pressure and compaction on the sides of the bales, leading to incredibly dense bales throughout and a well shaped bale with no flat sides. Well shaped bales are easy to stack and will keep for longer.

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