A reputation for Versatility

Updated: Jan 22

The KRONE Comprima Baler is well known for its ability to bale a multitude of crops and in varying conditions, but what is it about the Comprima that allows it to be so versatile?

EasyFlow Pick Up System

Using the same technology that features in the BiG X, the EasyFlow is unique in its ability to be able to move three dimensionally, allowing for a clean and consistent pick up over all ground conditions. The pick up is made up of 6mm double tines with large-diameter coils.

As standard all KRONE Comprima Balers boast a 2.15 meter pick up width meaning that no crop is missed from the swath.

XC Cutting System

Many of the Comprima balers are built with the KRONE XC Cutting System built in. This 17 or 26 knife cutting unit chops the crop as it flows into the baling chamber. This unit creates a consistent material length allowing for easier feeding and less waste.

Belt & Slat Conveyor

Comprima Round Balers are fitted with the KRONE Belt & Slat system. Due to the profile of the slats they allow for the bale to be gripped when in the bale chamber. This causes the bale to be constantly rotating which creates a dense, perfectly shaped round bale every time.

The reinforced rubber belts, with a 3 year warranty, ensure that the baler runs smoothly and quietly.

Net or Film Wrapping System

As standard all KRONE Comprima Round Balers are fitted with a Net Wrapper.

However, the Comprima can be fitted with the KRONE Film Wrapper, that uniquely allows the user to continue using Net or Film.

When fitted with a Film Wrapping Unit, with no tools, the Comprima can simply switch between Net or Film when working in the field. The wrapper fitted to CV & CF models wraps bales fast and is reliable when working in difficult conditions and on slopping land.

Ease of Operation

As with all KRONE machinery, the Comprima Round Baler has been designed with the operator in mind. The Comprima offers a uncluttered design with easy accessibility. The standard Central Chain Lubrication System reduces the amount of time spent on servicing and maintenance.

To learn more download our Comprima Round Baler Brochure here;

Download PDF • 5.65MB

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