Introducing the KRONE EasyWrapper!

The new KRONE EasyWrapper is a solo wrapper unit that is fully mounted to a tractor or loader with the ability to achieve wrapping speeds of up to 36rpm!

Featuring a fully automatic system wrapping bales just got much easier. From the moment the bale is loaded on to the wrapper, a trigger activates the wrapping process to start, right through to dropping the bale back on to the ground again.

When tractors don't have the capacity to lift heavy bales from the ground or you're working on slopes the EasyWrappers ground rollers will take care of lifting the bales.

Built with quality engineering and a strong design, the EasyWrapper can wrap bales up to a maximum weight of 1600kg. Take on any bales size easily, thanks to the EasyWrappers unique system of simply adjusting 1 pin on each roller to change the wrappers dimensions.

At the push of a button, the EasyWrapper will also position itself for road transport and has capacity to store 4 extra rolls of film.

Find out more here!

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