The Comprima and quality Silage

At KRONE UK, producing quality forage is at the heart of everything we do.

Forage is the most important commodity a livestock farmer has and therefore we understand the importance of producing cost effective and efficient high quality forage.

Here's 4 ways that KRONE Comprima Round Baler helps you to produce quality Silage.

KRONE EasyFlow Pick Up

KRONE Comprima Round Balers come fitted with a 2.15m wide EasyFlow Pick Up system.

Pick up system on a Comprima Round Baler picking up Grass

Designed to achieve a clean pick up, with 5 rows of 6mm tines fitted in a helical arrangement that separate and spread heavy crops or lumps in the swath. Ensuring that a uniformed thickness of silage is feed into the bale chamber.

The Pick Up can moves three dimensionally to follow the grounds natural contours, this minimises the risk of tines contacting the soil and causing contamination to the silage.

KRONE XC Cutting System

Models of Comprima that include the KRONE XC Cutting System have two rows of 17 or 26 knifes that cut the silage to the desired length before it is baled. Chop lengths can be set between 42mm – 128mm. Each blade is individually protected to with stand potential damage from stones etc, should a blade become damaged they can be quickly and easily removed or replaced. Choosing the XC Cutting System reduces waste and the silage is more manageable for Livestock to consume.

KRONE NovoGrip Belt & Slat System

The NovoGrip system is made up of endless, heavy duty rubber belts with cross slats that make the bale to be constantly rotating within the chamber.

This system makes consistently shaped bales, in any crop condition, with no flat sides.

The constant rotation also increases compaction on the bale making them incredibly dense. Strong, good shaped bales have less air within them, and are also easier to stack. Well stacked bales have a lower chance of falling or being ripped. Once a silage bale is ripped it is likely to be wasted.

Film or Net Wrapping Systems

Comprima Balers can be fitted with a dual Net or Film system. The process of wrapping a bale of silage in Film is very advantageous as great amount of pressure is applied to the bale whilst its in the Wrapper. This pressure on the outer layer of the bale removes any trapped air so there is a lessor risk of mould growing and causing the bale to spoil.

Whether the bale is wrapped with net or film the material is spread to the full width of the bale and, if required to, it will covers the edges also. This ensures that the bales are protected and fully enclosed.

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