Comprima CV 150 XC Plus

Cutting and baling 2,500 - 3,000 acres of Grass each year, Walker Bros chose the Comprima Baler for it's reliability and it's ability to cope with a variety of baling conditions! 


Comprima F 125 XC

"I am absolutely delighted with my Comprima Round Baler that I purchased in 2016. The Baler has ran like clockwork, with a minimal amount of adjustment needed. My local dealership Wilks Brothers provide great service, from guys that really want to help you. 


For anyone who wants to stack Bales on their end this Baler is perfect for it, as you get consistently uniform bales with no slack parts. This also makes better quality silage with no mould. Bale after Bale, never ending perfect drum tight Bales whether it’s Hay, Straw or Silage. This is the baler for the Livestock Farmer!”


Comprima V 150 XC Plus

"I decided to purchase the Comprima V 150 XC Plus for 2021 from my local dealer G Marshall Tractors LTD. I demonstrated a number of machines on both Grass and Straw.


A simple thing I liked with the Comprima was how it just entered the field and knocked out perfect Bale after perfect Bale with no fuss or adjustment required, and even though it's a high specification of Baler, it just seemed so simple and easy to operate."

"I was particularly impressed to see how the Silage Bales maintained their shape a few days after wrapping, which made for easy stacking.

The Baler looks well built and KRONE has the reputation of being strongly built kit, but if anything does go wrong I trust that G Marshall Tractors will look after me as usual."

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